Are your eyelash extensions still in place?

Here's everything you need to know about eyelash extensions!
Eyelash extensions are the most convenient and effective way to get curled eyelashes, but how do they hold up afterwards?
After extensions
1.Avoid high temperature environments such as sauna, steam, hot yoga and hair dryers for 6 hours after eyelash extensions.
2. After the extensions have been applied, the eyelash glue will appear to have dried, but in fact it is not yet fully cured. This is a critical time, as if you touch the water or heat it will cause the lashes to fall off and sometimes stick together. Therefore it is important to keep your eyelash extensions dry for 6 hours.
When washing your face
1. Try to use a non-oily cleanser. Oil-based cleansers may cause your lashes to fall out prematurely.
When washing your face, do not rub too hard. The correct position is to wash horizontally, avoiding the eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids.
2. Don't shower head-on and use a towel to gently press your face when wiping it, otherwise the fibres of the towel will literally hook off your lashes without mercy!
❤ The same goes for skin care, don't apply too many lotions with high oil content to your eyes for too long.

When applying make-up
1 When applying eye make-up, be gentle, leave a little distance from the base of your lashes or use a softer eyeliner.
2 When applying eye shadow and foundation gently wipe off any powder left on the eyelashes, otherwise it will affect the aesthetics and may block your view. Mascara should not be applied, as it will burden the eyelash extensions.
When shedding
Later on, your eyelashes will tend to fall off halfway and itch uncomfortably, but! Never pull forcibly because, well, it really hurts! You will also bring down your own lashes. This is also a good time to test your eyelash technician's skills, as poorly applied extensions can cause multiple lashes to stick together, and pulling forcibly can result in your own lashes being pulled off as well.

Finally, don't panic when your eyelashes fall out and don't immediately dismiss your eyelash technician's skills as it is normal for your eyelashes to naturally fall off and take your extensions with them as the growth cycle is one month.