Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Lashes Type

What are hybrid lashes?

Hybrid Lashes/ Classic Lashes/Volume Lashes

Many novice customers have the question: Can I use Classic and Volume lashes together? You can absolutely do that!

Mixing classic and volume lash extensions is known as a blending set or hybrid lash set. For those who want something a little bolder than classic lashes but a little less dramatic than volume lashes, blended lashes are great for helping to create a textured but voluminous look. The ability to give clients more options for personalizing the look of their lashes. Choose from 0.05 Volume Fan combined with 0.15 Oval Flat or Classic lashes.


Can an extensionist use the Premade Volume Fan in a hybrid lash type?

Premade Volume Fans, Easy Fan Lash Extensions

Yes!  If you want to maximize your time savings, the Premade Fan or Easy Fan lashes used with a set of hybrid lashes/extenders is one of the best options.

You can help increase revenue by saving time with this combination in order to schedule more appointments. So, why not go with a premade fan!


What's better, classic, hybrid, or volume eyelashes? 

1. Time costs: The application time of eyelash extensions depends on the experience and speed of the eyelash technique, and whether or not a premade fan is used. Using pre-made fans or Easy Fan lashes can shorten the time. If you are a lash novice, VAVALASH Prefabricated Fan is a good choice for you

2. Price: If your client is on a budget, you can recommend their Classic lashes because they are more affordable. Volume lashes require an experienced technician and more time commitment, so the price will be higher. Another suggestion for you is that you can save these lashes in your daily practice of blooming to the point where you can save time costs by making them by hand beforehand for fans

3. Bringing out the effect of eyelash extensions: If clients want those who want a natural eyelash enhancement effect, then the classic eyelash extensions are perfect for that and preferred by those who are more concerned with length than volume.

Any extension technique is a good choice for your client, it fundamentally depends on the look your client wants to achieve, the budget and the skills of the technician. So there is no right or wrong answer as to which is best: hybrid or classic lashes!