How eyelash artists can avoid redness and swelling in the eyes after Grafting

There are some customers who have red and swollen eyelash extensions. In addition to the sensitivity of the customer's eyes, there are also some small details that occur during the eyelash extension operation that we need to pay attention to in order to avoid redness and swelling

The Most Common Is The Tape Error

Cause: tape lifting eyelids when the force is too large, the eyes form a micro-opening, glue volatile gas floating into the eye smoked eye.

Solution: Cut the tape into small squares, stick to the eyelids and gently lift, so that the real eyelashes leave the eye patch can be checked for gaps.

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TheEye Muscles Relax After The Customer Falls Asleep And Will Unconsciously Open

Solution: Put the edge of the eye patch on the edge of the upper eyelid, be careful not to stick to the inner and outer corners of the eyelashes, press the whole downward, not lift upward, and fix the eyelids with tape at the head and tail of the eyes if they are shaking a lot.

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ThereIs No Discomfort When Grafting, But Redness And Swelling After a Few Days At Home

Reason: probably grafting is too close to the skin.

Solution: Remove the eyelashes that are too close to the skin and reapply.

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 Expired glue

Reason: The glue will be more irritating if it is still in use

Solution: It is recommended that the glue be replaced every fifteen minutes.

Open Your Eyes After Extensions And Feel Spicy

Reason: not fully blown dry

Solution: Blow dry fully for three to five minutes after extensions

Tips for preventing red eyes after eyelash extensions

1. Do not touch water for 2-3 hours and avoid contact with moisture or steam for 24 hours after the extensions are completed

2. It is best to sleep completely on your back.

3. Always refuse to use oils and oil-based creams.

4. A big no-no for post-lash extension care is pulling/pulling your lashes

5. Have your lashes replenished every 3-4 weeks.

6. Do not have eyelash extensions if your eyes are sensitive.

7. Keep your eyes tightly closed at all times during the extension process.

Here basically covers the process of eyelash extensions will appear some problems, which problem, corresponding to the corresponding solution to solve , of course, specific analysis of specific problems, eye sensitive customers are not recommended grafting, if you insist on grafting, you can apply a If you insist on grafting, you can apply a little isolation cream on the eyelids before grafting.