What about Eyelash Extension Curls?

Everything Lash Techs Need To Know About Eyelash Extension Curls

Lashing is like mathematics. You need to add, subtract, and multiple different eyelash extensions and their features (think curl, length, thickness) to create customized sets of eyelash extensions for your clients.

What Are Eyelash Extension Curls?

If you’re doing eyelash extensions for prettifying people, it’s easy to understand the importance of lash extension curls.

curl for eyelash extensions

When you’re selecting eyelash extension curls for your clients, there are a million things you need to know to do a good job. It starts with knowing how these curls will behave physically, aesthetically, and chemically. One thing to keep in mind about lash extension curls is their angle. Moreover, the same curl of lashes isn’t even used for both your eyes when you get eyelash extensions.

You need to know how it looks to create the best look. Then comes the personal style or requirement of the client. Combined with thickness and length, this is the magic formula for creating the best lash extensions for clients: Length, Curl, and Thickness.

Choosing the wrong length of eyelash extensions could damage your natural lashes. Additionally, they will make you uncomfortable, and you might look creepy.


Eyelash Extension Curl Type

There are several types of eyelash extensions, such as C-curl, D-curl, and the CC curl.

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C curl creates attractive lashes as if they were permed, and it is the most commonly used curl.The standard curl used by most lash techs is the ‘C’ curl. It’s perfect for those men and women with average curls because it helps to open up the eyes and make the client look alert, bright, energetic.

For those with downward or heavy downward lashes, it can give a lifted look to your natural lashes. But if you have a client with straight eyelashes, it’s perfect for opening up the eyes. You’ll find that the degree is 60 with a ‘C’ curl.

For those also with lashes that curve horizontally, this type of lash extension curl can create the doll eye look. If your client has lashes that face downward, go for a D curl.

CC curl is our perfect in between curl, giving you slightly more than C curl but slightly less than D curl.While some people say CC curl is the same as D curl, it’s a unique style that offers a good curl that’s not as curled as D, but higher than C. As C curl is closest to natural lashes, CC is a good way to slightly accent those with naturally curly lashes like teenagers. It’s the best way to add volume to natural lashes that are curled on their own. Lash techs might find these lashes at a 65-degree angle.

CC Curl helps to open up the eyes of those who have naturally downward-facing lashes. When you set it properly, such a curl can help you create the doll eye look for lashes that are straight. However, this style isn’t great for upward-facing lashes.

D curl is used to create doll-like lashes for special occasions or those who want more drama.Curlier than CC and less curly than ‘U’, the ‘D’ curl is one Lifted. Creates the open-eye effect for the downward lash. These curls are often used for the dramatic style of eyes. D curl is best for doll eyes, especially if your client has straight lashes. Here you will see a 70-degree angle.

Although they don’t work so well for upward lashes, D curl is a great starter. It widens most eyes and enhances the shape of your client’s eyes. This is especially good for clients with small eyes who want to widen and brighten them.