What Are Colored Lash Extensions?

Colored eyelash extensions are regular lash extensions that have been dyed with a permanent color. They come in a variety of colors ranging from brown, black , orange, red, yellow, and blue.

Why are colored eyelashes becoming more and more popular nowadays?

1. Unique look that stands out: Lash artists can use colored lashes to create exciting new looks that show off one’s personality. For example, you could use a combination of blue and green lash extensions to create an aquatic-themed look or red and orange extensions for a fiery style. The possibilities are endless.

2.  Brighten and open up the eyes: Adding a bit of color to your lash extensions can do wonders for your eyes. This is especially beneficial for clients with lighter-colored eyes, as the colored lashes will really make them pop.

3. Ditch the mascara: Yes, you can also use colored mascara. However, it’s almost impossible to create a nice ombre look with mascara. With lash extensions, on the other hand, you can pull a beautiful ombre style that will look super natural.

Additionally, mascara will coat several lashes with one sweep. It’s just not as customizable.

colored lashes

4 tips for colored eyelash extension application

1 Learn what lash look your client wants.

You may have a client who doesn't even know colored lashes exist, but who could really benefit from them depending on why they're coming to you for lash extensions. The reason why your client wants eyelash extensions or colored lashes will help inform the application.

Enhance eye color. If the client wants to make their natural eye color stand out, go for lashes in colors that complement those hues. Purple lash extensions intensify green eyes and make brown eyes look bigger. Green lash extensions bring out hazel eyes. Blue lash extensions make blue eyes dazzle and also look great on brown-eyed gals. Figure out what your client is going for with lash extensions. Then suggest colored lashes when they make sense, along with ways to integrate them in the application.

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2 Factor in extra eyelash service time.

Applying colored lash extensions can take around 30 minutes longer than your typical eyelash extension session. There are a few reasons why.

Discussing colored eyelashes is exciting and is a creative process. Since there are so many options, you'll want to ensure you understand what your client wants and strategize a way to achieve it with colored lash extensions.    

Eyelash application is an art. Depending on the effect your client wants with colored eyelash extensions, you'll want to thoughtfully determine where you're going to place each one.  Since you might be using colored lashes sparsely, you'll want to make sure the placement is the same on both eyes to create a symmetrical look.

As you do more and more colored lash applications, you'll become more experienced and might be able to cut down on some time. Just be sure to let every client know that if they want colored lash extensions, their application session might take a little longer.

colored lashes

3 Use clear lash adhesive.

Some eyelash extension adhesive has carbon black in it, which gives a dark black finish to the lash line. Since you don't want to cover up brightly colored eyelash extensions with black adhesive, use a clear eyelash adhesive to apply colored lash extensions. One to try is Clear Connection clear lash adhesive.

If you're applying an ombré lash with a black base, you might opt for an adhesive with carbon black in it.