What are Cluster Lashes?

Cluster eyelashes are exactly what they sound like—false lashes that come in a bundle form with a few individual lash hairs in each bundle. These can be used to increase thickness, volume, and length in specific areas, such as the outer corner of your eye. They can be applied using a pair of tweezers and lash glue just like any other false eyelash.

Since the individual hairs are in a cluster, it’s best to space these out along your lash line when applying them so you don’t end up with an obvious section of false lashes. Use these if you like to add a bit of drama to your look without going as bold as a full, strip lash. Since these don’t involve a full band going across your lash line, you can likely get away with skipping liquid eyeliner if you choose.

What are the advantages of cluster lashes?

advantages for Cluster Individual Lashes

Cluster Lashes are an at-home eyelash extension that can be done at home. Cluster Lashes are easy to remove from the strip and have no glue residue, no stickiness, and no kinks. Perfect for novices and veterans alike to make thicker lashes even at home.

Each box is available in different lengths.  You are free to mix and match different styles according to different situations.No need to trim the width of the lashes. Cluster lashes are placed underneath the natural lashes instead of on top, which allows them to blend in better with the natural lashes for a salon-style extension effect. It can be applied and removed anywhere very easily.

How to use cluster lashes?

1.Clamp the root of the lashes gently with tweezer and take out

2.Apply cluster adhesive to bond each cluster

3.Place each cluster in turn below your natural lashes for 2-4 seconds

4.Comb with a brush to get the desired look